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Interiors of your home speak about you to the World and we are proud that we carry the message in the most sophisticated way. At Luxury Interior we listen, interpret and give life to your ideas so that you live in a home that is modern and customized. We have team of professionals who understands your desires and convert them into reality. We design the interior of your home just the way you wished it to be.

We understand the difference between the interiors of private and commercial rooms and design accordingly. You get the design of the home or office matching to your style and thoughts. We undertake projects in Vancouver for renovating a single room to building new custom houses as per your preferences.

We understand how a tile can make or break the look of any room and hence provide you with the best solution when it comes to tiles.

  • Artwork, and styling
  • Floor plans, CAD designs and elevations
  • Color planning
  • Deciding customized furniture
  • Kitchen and bathroom remodel
  • Finishes selection
  • Window treatments
  • Plumbing fixtures selection
  • Space planning

Trust our experience building team who will share their experience with you so that you get the interiors that you thought of. We understand that everybody will not need total remodeling of their place and will concentrate on a part of it. We undertake such projects and give complete makeover to the space that is required by our client. Every customer is important to us and we give special attention to each and every client.

Our designers have years of experience in designing customized interiors for you. We have incorporates interior designs of every style be that contemporary or rustic. Our team work hard to ensure that we do not oversee any minute details while completing the task for you. We love to make the spaces a place called Home.

Choose us because

  • We provide unrivaled customer service after checking out minutest details
  • We have team experts who deal in designing different spaces that includes residential as well as commercial.
  • We provide you with an outline of the work to be done and the estimate for that.
  • We are transparent about the communication with our clients, before, during and after the project completion.
  • We thrive to give you the best by sharing the experience we have gathered all these years.

At Luxury Interiors we firmly believe in designing a place for you that will enhance your mood every time you enter it. We are professionals who extend a friendly hand to you for designing your dream interiors.

Interior design ideas for the citizens of Vancouver

A Canadian seaport city, Vancouver is considered one of the most beautiful cities of the country and also of North American continent.In a city like Vancouver, it is obvious that everyone will like to have a place that depicts his or her personal preferences, cultural background which he can call his home.

To turn a house into a home all you need to make choices as per your taste and choices available in the market. Sadly not everyone knows how to install and choose interior design Vancouver items among the huge list of products the interior design shops offer. You definitely need to consult a proper interior decorator to do that. But almost every homeowner and even common people have this perspective that interior decoration is the work of a lady homemaker. They don’t like the customised services of the advanced decorators.

Here some simple yet typical procedures are discussed for the self-made decorators cum homeowners which the interior decorators usually apply. These are also within the budget.

Try to know from the beginning

In case of home decor you need to start from the initial condition. Paint your walls. Now how to install and choose interior design Vancouver ideas in painting you need to call the painting guys or simply you can choose yourself. Just know how the process works then choose from the colours that complement the architecture of your house. And there you go. Then you must go for the crown moulding. Now for this you need to take help of experts. This will simply add a smooth texture to the ceiling and walls of your home.

Window decor is an important part

Window decor does not mean you need to change your window. You can either change the window or simply by changing the curtains you may change the look. . For how to install and choose interior design Vancouver concepts of curtains, you need to be very careful and choosy. You see the curtains and their designs add up to the beauty of your house. It’s up to you, what kind of curtain you want in your house. for beauty you can have some hanging plants and decorative pieces in your window.

Change the lights

Lights also add a lot to the beauty of your house. There is tons of variety available in the market. You can find various light shades and holders and even various types of lights like the LEDs, neon lights, simple halogen bulbs. But first of all you need to know how to install and choose interior design Vancouver ideas the perfect one for your house.

Possible change in furniture

As you have already opted to redesign your own house, furniture also has to be changed if necessary. Many people are now working on furniture designing. You must do some research in the market and try to learn how to install and choose interior design Vancouver ideas of furniture the best one for your house.

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