How to install and choose Venetian Plaster in Vancouver

While completing the interior walls of your home at Vancouver it is necessary that you make the right choice. Applying Venetian plaster for giving the walls the desired look is a trend now. You may be thinking about how to install and choose Venetian plaster Vancouver? Here is a guide to help you with that.

What is Venetian Plaster?

Venetian plaster refers to a putty to be applied on the walls that is made from fired limestone combined with water. Then it is mixed together in order to make lime plaster. Venetian plaster gives the walls a texture where you can apply thin coat of color and they will spread easily. It looks natural and elegant.

How to install Venetian plaster?

The technique of applying Venetian Plaster needs certain steps to be completed. In order to do those follow the article.

Application Technique

  • Mix the Venetian plaster well by using a stir stick. Before finally embarking on the project use a practice board to preview the final result.
  • To decrease edge mark during application load the plaster on a steel trowel that is being rounded with 100 grit sandpaper.
  • Hold the trowel at 15 to 30 degrees and apply the plaster. It is best to begin from the corners.
  • Spread the plaster in single thin layer all over the surface.
  • Let the plaster dry for few hours and then apply the second coat.

Second coat

  • Start from the corners and apply a thin layer of plaster on the walls.
  • Cover the total surface and smooth out any edges that are there with the help of trowel.
  • Let the plaster dry for 24 hours before applying the final coat or burnishing.


By applying the top coat you get a satin sheen finished wall that is washable easily. Hold a large trowel at 60 to 90 degree angle and spread the top coat over the surface evenly. Make sure that while you apply this coat there are no pudding at recessed areas, for this use short and long overlapping strokes. Let the top coat to dry thoroughly before burnishing.


You need to burnish or polish the walls so that the Venetian plaster gives its final look. It must be done within 7 days of application of the plaster on the wall. You can use 600 grit sandpaper for rubbing the surface in circular motion still you gets your desired look. In case the surface is too large you can use a power sander. In order to get rid of the plaster dust you can rub the surface with dampened cloth. Now use the clean trowel for giving it a polished look. Once you complete this you have applied the Venetian plaster and now it’s time that you apply primer on the walls. After the primer dries off you can paint your walls with colors and patterns that suits your taste. Venetian plaster gives you the smooth glossy walls that will last long and will not take up much time for maintenance

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