Hardwood Floors

When you look for floors for lifetime, the best solution available is hardwood floors. They give your home, office or workspace the perfect look and are easy to manage lifelong. Whether you want to change the interior of your home or refurbish your commercial space, we have wide range of options for you. We deal in both solid and engineered hardwood floors that give you the perfect floor to live on!

Solid hardwood floors

Solid hardwood floors are a classical choice as they had been there since ages. Most common type of hardwood floor, these floors are made solely from solid wood of different trees like oak, maple and others. There is only a single layer of hardwood that gives your floors the perfect look. Fitting the solid hardwood floor is easy as all you need to do is nail them properly to the subfloor platform. Only problem with solid hardwood floors is contraction and expansion of hardwood due to change in weather conditions and temperature. If used in controlled temperature nothing can match the luxury that is provided by the solid hardwood floors.

Engineered hardwood floors

Engineered hardwood floors are solution that provides you the beauty of hardwood without any worries. They are also known as multi-layered floors as they are usually made from 3 to 5 layers of hardwood pasted on a plywood base. It is best for use as it does not shrink or expand even in highest temperature change. Even if it gets wet it does not lost its luster. It is excellent choice for customers who want superior quality hardwood floor that need low maintenance. They can be layered directly on solid concrete floor or even an existing floor. Selecting the right hardwood floor for your place can sometimes be daunting. It won’t be once you get to us. Our expert will judge your requirement and inspect the situation to suggest you the best hardwood floor that will be best for you. If you are worried about maintenance of the floor, stop doing that. We provide high quality flooring solutions for your place that needs minimal maintenance and are long durable. You will get the best professional choices from us. We find out the perfect flooring solution for your home, commercial place or any other building so that you love walking on your floors. Experts from our end provide the best layout for the floor so that you feel good whenever someone praise your floors. Our flooring designs will inspire you and others and you will enjoy it from time to time. We do not compromise on the quality of the products that are used for flooring your place. We strive to give you the best based on your requirement. It’s our motto to fulfill your desire just the way you like. In order to get unmatched flooring solutions nothing can be better than Luxury interior. You will get flooring of any kind, be it vinyl, hardwood, laminate or carpet. You deserve the best so we provide the best.

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